13 Feb 2014

Challenging the OSS paradigm

A key challenge we have at Wialus is explaining the thinking behind wiVolo, and why it is a SaaS – a web application deployed in the cloud, managed by us on behalf of the customer.

It may be a challenge because we’re technical people with heads full of ones and zeros, rather than words, or it may be due to the complex nature of the industry and the tools we work with.

After all, OSS tools are not simple, right? Our experience was just that.

Imagining a new generation OSS platform

The reason we imagined wiVolo is because we experienced first hand that OSS tools were largely rigid monolithic applications, cumbersome beasts that were generally expensive to deploy and maintain (especially with those seat licenses).

In particular, they were not flexible or user friendly and certainly not equipped to facilitate multi-party collaboration.

While powerful tools in their own specific niche function, only specialists used them and because we were some of those specialists, we know they had the potential to try the patience of users and certainly tested people’s sense of humour.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what we set out to avoid… or should we say, change.

Challenging the status quo

Our vision was to produce a simple yet powerful OSS product suite that broke down traditional barriers, cut across established conventions, and redefined the way an OSS application worked and was accessed by the user.

We wanted to create something that was simple, effective and a joy to use.

Yes, we felt a little rebellious, we’ll admit that, however - frankly - that’s the nature of Wialus and that’s how innovation happens.

wiVolo is intended to challenge the OSS paradigm.

Here are some of the benefits of our distinctly different approach:

  • wiVolo can be implemented in a matter of weeks, not months or years

  • You don’t need a complex CAPEX approval and $2 million to get started

  • wiVolo provides immediate access to vital information, placing it directly in the hands of the people who need it

  • Avoids having to provide individual access to core network management applications or specialist tools

  • Information is accessed via web browser, securely, and can be presented on a big screen in the NOC, on a desktop or mobile device… yes mobile

  • wiVolo is very fast, fast and fast - we can’t repeat that enough, because life is too short to wait for slow software

  • It is highly effective for BAU and it's a must for crisis management, such as major weather events or earthquakes (we now know this first hand)

  • wiVolo can provide immediate benefit, help drive productivity, save time and lots more

  • It’s strong in fixed and wireless networks, and translates naturally to other domains

There’s more we can tell you so please reach out to us here and let us show you how we can deploy wiVolo to help you.

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