20 Jan 2010

Want to get SMARTer?

Earlier we let you know about our cheerfully named radio licence data tool, SMARTer, which we made available to you free of charge because we could, and we thought it would be useful. In fact, to be completely honest, we wanted to impress you.

Well, the good news is that we have improved it!

(“is that possible?” we hear you cry), and the new version is available, working and accessible to you right here - Get SMARTer.

We’ve changed to use the latest version of the Google Maps API, implemented automatic data updates and made a few tweaks under the hood. So when you log in you should easily find yourself using the new and improved version. It is faster, smarter, more interactive and responsive.

But of course we’ll let you be the judge.

And remember, if you like SMARTer and you see an opportunity to create other productivity tools for your organisation, please drop us a line.

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