7 Mar 2012

What’s behind the name wiVolo™

Here’s something from our ‘did you know?’ file

The name wiVolo (said in two parts 'wi' (phon: "why") and 'Volo') is derived from the Latin-originated verb ‘Volo’, which means ‘to fly’ or ‘flight’, or for us meaning ‘oversight’.

The name speaks to how the product provides a ‘birds eye view’ of an operator’s wireless or fixed network, and wider business in many respects, by displaying network topology, configuration, performance, customer and other important data sets in the geospatial domain.

Using Google Maps™ and advanced tiling techniques, wiVolo allows users to move around the network, selecting nodes, elements, links, shapes or objects on the map to view the underlying data, compare layers (data sets visualised) and understand related features.

The OSS tool also allows network operations specialists, planners, engineers or BI specialists to see live status, analyse and understand deltas and compare and track changes in data that can indicate commercial opportunity or assist in network design or problem diagnosis, using a desktop or mobile device.

Unified views - one source of the truth

wiVolo’s ability to present powerful unified views of the network enables operators to view and share 'one source of the truth', providing fresh insight that would otherwise be difficult or in some cases almost impossible to obtain.

Seeing the information on a map provides the viewer a unique perspective, allowing the context to be understood and vital information assimilated quickly, supporting faster and more effective decision-making.

Accessing the same data from a mobile app adds another useful dimension to the experience - dynamic oversight for network managers.

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