17 Nov 2016

Wialus supports Kaikoura earthquake recovery

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*Image credit - New Zealand Defence Force (Twitter).

7.8 magnitude earthquake cuts mobile and fixed networks

No matter how prepared we think we are, events will take us by surprise.

“It’s been a week”, as we say here in New Zealand (even though it’s only Thursday) with plenty of events to test our collective resilience and infrastructural robustness.

Monday's monster earthquake, now officially classified at a massive 7.8, was followed by more than 12,000 aftershocks (updated: to Feb, 2017), high winds and the torrential rain that caused flooding in some regions, hampering efforts to restore services.

Telecommunications networks were knocked out in some parts of New Zealand, early Monday, and since then Wialus have been playing a supporting role to our customers as they work to rebuild their mobile and fixed services.

In a telecommunications network context, our OSS tools help operators monitor the health of their network, tracking configuration, status, coverage data and providing other value during BAU.

Mother Nature’s activities this week reinforce the importance for network operators to have access to the right tools and information, at a moment’s notice.

In our experience, whether during a major event like this or BAU, operators share this same universal challenge – communication; the ability to access and share important information effectively.

In essence, that is what our wiVolo product does; it enables an operator to communicate - dynamically manipulate, publish and share a range of technical, operational and business data - effortlessly.

Read the story of how the week has unfolded and, in particular, how our wiVolo toolset has been deployed in support the network recovery process.

We want to acknowledge the superb role of the New Zealand Defence Force in responding to the earthquake crisis, along with assistance from Canadian, Australian and US naval warships and aircraft visiting New Zealand for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th Birthday celebrations.

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