31 Aug 2016

Wialus supports weather bomb recovery

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*Image credit - Nasa.

Customers are a valuable and insightful source of truth

A picture is worth a thousand words” was the explanation one of our customers gave to a colleague about the benefit of Wialus’ geospatial visualisation tool.

As one of the more technically capable users of our enterprise-grade SaaS, this customer is familiar with the growing operational demands confronting even the most organised network operators, and especially the extra workload created by a major weather event.

Telecommunications network operations centres utilise our wiVolo product for visualising and sharing network topology and configuration data, real time alarms and live status, coverage information and more.

Weather takes out networks

August 2016 saw high winds and heavy snow close roads and take out a portion of telecommunications and power networks in the usually rather sunny North Island province of the Hawke's Bay.

NOC teams needed to get networks back online and that required cooperation from a number of parties, internally and externally.

Unified views - understanding ‘the lay of the land’

With this anomalous weather event as a backdrop, the customer explained the wiVolo OSS tool, and in particular the near real-time alarm view, delivered a visual view of the network and ensured that all parties saw the same view.

"A key advantage of the unified view,” he said, “is that, during an extreme event, it ensures priorities are clearly understood, agreed and can be changed in near real time.

He noted that, whether deployed for fixed line or wireless networks, it provided the same ability for distribution of vital real-time data without having to provide access to core network management applications.

The wiVolo tool provided access internationally via a web browser, on a desktop and mobile device, so everyone could see the same accurate up-to-the-minute information whether they were in a corporate office, in the NOC or the field.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is true

Seeing information on a map provides the viewer a unique perspective, a ‘birds eye view’, allowing the context to be understood and vital information assimilated quickly, supporting faster and more effective decision-making.

It's always interesting to hear customer stories, where we look past the BAU benefit to see where the wiVolo product has materially contributed during a crisis.

Incidentally, you don't need to run a fixed or wireless network to benefit from this tool. All you need is geospatially-relevant data, the need to see it on a map and the desire to understand it properly.

Read the full story here on Linked In.

And check out the sunny Hawke's Bay, too, when you get a chance.

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