2 Feb 2011

Wialus launches Heat Mapping capability

Wialus Solutions is pleased to announce the release of our wiVolo™ heat mapping module, designed to simplify the display of complex geographical information.

The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is true, especially in the context of building and maintaining large and complex communications networks.

From wireless coverage to broadband rollout planning, the timely and accurate analysis of information is vital to the success of any network operator’s business.

Wialus developed its heat mapping capability in response to client demand for a fast, accurate and cost-effective visualisation tool that can be easily accessed across a business.

Heap mapping is a dynamic way of summarizing large, complex location-aware data. The technique draws out areas of interest in a data set, by displaying concentrated colourful ‘heat’ patterns, in this case on a map.

Engineers, technical specialists and others can see ‘hotspots’ at a glance, which might be indicating levels of activity, represent potential or even highlight in-activity, depending on the data set being viewed. The tool enables decisions to be made quickly.

The tool is also ideal for simplifying presentations to executives, helping build compelling business cases and enabling investment decisions to be made accurately.

Wialus’ heat mapping offering is provided either on-demand via our cloud-based service or as an integrated module of our powerful wiVolo™ coverage mapping solution.

Being browser-delivered and using the familiar Google Maps™ interface means these services can be implemented effortlessly on any scale and in a matter of days, with little or no user training required.

For more advanced users, a Google Earth™ 3D version is also available.

More information on wiVolo can be found here.

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