2 Feb 2010

wiVolo™ helps Telecom New Zealand manage XT outage

Telecom NZ’s highly publicised recent XT mobile network outage, while unfortunate for the company and many of its customers, proved a compelling demonstration of the value of Wialus’ wiVolo coverage mapping solution.

Telecom’s UMTS based XT network is reported to have suffered a failure, affecting customers at the bottom of the South Island.

“Our wiVolo implementation paid dividends during the XT outage”, says Telecom’s Coverage Information Manager, John Hodren.

“wiVolo gave us accurate views of the affected areas. It simplified management of the problem by helping us to quickly disseminate information to all the necessary teams, from those working to restore service to the customer service staff talking to our customers.”

Hodren points out that the XT network is one of the newest and most technically advanced in the southern hemisphere.

Wialus MD Andrew Stewart adds: “Despite the XT network being world class, no network is immune to problems and it is vital to have the right tools in place, not only to add value to day to day operations, but to help during a crisis.”

The recently launched browser-based wiVolo combines the power of Google Maps™ and cutting edge map tiling techniques to provide up-to-the-minute information to users from management to CSR and engineering, at the click of a mouse.

For more information on wiVolo and other OSS solutions contact Andrew Stewart on +64 4 909 7092 or info@wialus.co.nz

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