Innovative OSS solutions for CSPs and network operators

What we do

Wialus Solutions is an experienced Operational Support System (OSS) vendor, active in the telecommunications and wireless industries.

We offer expertise in a range of complementary disciplines, including:
  • Coverage and RF prediction data management
  • Configuration and performance management
  • Data visualisation, including heat and thematic mapping
  • Revenue and call volume reconciliation
  • Billing and provisioning solutions
  • CDR parsing

Our flagship product wiVolo is the most advanced yet simplest mobile coverage mapping tool available.

We also develop and support a range of productivity tools for clients including tools to:
  • Manage statutory spectrum licensing requirements
  • Publish dates for FTTN build programs
  • Manage contracts
  • Facilitate multi-party collaboration

Wialus’ experience spans all major equipment vendors and we can provide solutions for many technologies and generations of equipment including GSM, CDMA, UMTS and MPT/PMR trunk radio networks.

The breadth of our experience and indepth knowledge of the telecommunications industry means we understand how you think. This allows us to provide innovative software solutions that deliver real value and benefits to our clients.