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wiVolo Tiler

Wialus Solutions offers a fast and efficient cloud-based coverage tiling service for mobile network operators.

wiVolo Tiler enables operators to provide more accurate coverage views and information to customers, CSR, operations and other business groups.

Wialus has developed what we believe to be the world's fastest coverage tile rendering engine, capable of producing complete network layers, with multiple levels of zoom, in a matter of minutes - faster than any known service.

This means the coverage layers can be rendered as often as your requirements determine.

How it works

Formatted data files are taken from RF prediction tools and processed by the rendering engine. Rendered output is returned to the network operator via our secure cloud service.

Tiles can be produced for web-based customer facing applications, or they can be generated specifically for use with in-house coverage tools.

The same render engine technology enables Wialus to provide wiVolo Live, a near-real-time network alarm module found in our wiVolo coverage mapping solution.

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