Innovative OSS solutions for CSPs and network operators

How can wiVolo™ help?

wiVolo will lower costs, increase productivity and add value to all areas of your network operation.

Customer service

wiVolo empowers CSRs to answer customer queries immediately by accessing up-to-the-minute information, reducing the need to escalate to specialist support and simplifying the escalation process when necessary. The optional wiVolo Open module enables customer self service, reducing the call volumes to help desk facilities.

Technical specialists

wiVolo can be seamlessly integrated with existing trouble ticketing and fault management systems, providing fault tracking in a GIS-based visual mapping tool. wiVolo provides access to detail previously only available in prediction tools, and it liberates technical specialists from low level support by empowering CSRs to deliver more effective tier one support.


wiVolo’s network visualisation capabilities support design and planning processes, providing wider access to network information and reducing demand for valuable network planning tools. Terrain and 3D spatial features reduce the need for local knowledge in understanding of present and future coverage needs, and wiVolo’s collaboration features simplify liaison with internal business owners responsible for build programme budgets. It also enables partner collaboration by allowing the operator to grant controlled access to authorised third parties.

Retail sales

wiVolo supports the sales process at the retail point of presence. In-store queries can be answered immediately and accurately, improving customer service and increasing conversion levels. In addition, there is opportunity for collection of valuable feedback at point of sale.

Business and corporate sales

wiVolo supports the business sales process, helping sales teams to pre-qualify prospective customers. Teams can generate their own customised reports and collateral for proposals. Export features are useful for the tender response process, providing immediate and user-friendly extraction of coverage images and information based on tender & RFP criteria.


wiVolo’s reporting capability will assist with decisions about the network build programme along with coverage for special events and placement of retail outlets. The optional wiVolo Pop module allows census-based population statistics to be used to analyse and calculate coverage percentages for internal metrics and publicity purposes.


wiVolo’s unified global network view assists business leaders, providing previously difficult to access information at a moment’s notice. Easy to interpret coverage maps enable internal business owners to make informed asset investment decisions. The on-demand nature of the product allows managers to answer media or board questions, quickly and accurately.

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