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How does wiVolo™ work?

Wialus are experts in coverage tiling technology.

In fact, we believe we have the world’s fastest coverage tile rendering engine, capable of producing full network layers at multiple levels of zoom in minutes.

This allows us to deliver highly accurate coverage information to users across your organisation, by refreshing map tiles as often as you need.

And for mission-critical use, we can provide tiles in near real-time, with our wiVolo Live option (alarm data feed required).

Cloud-based service

wiVolo takes data files from your RF prediction tool to produce highly accurate image renders. Images are stored in a secure wiVolo cloud and are delivered on-demand to authenticated web-based clients.

User features

Users are provided with detailed map, satellite or terrain-based views, showing coverage and cell site locations and more. And for more advanced users, the striking Google Earth™ module delivers 3D coverage views.

The application supports fast searching based on street address, place name, cell site or coordinates. Multiple network layers can be easily added and compared using a variety of techniques, and views can be easily shared between users.

See the Features page for more information.

Easy administration

Administration is quick and easy. Security is controlled by the client. Users are presented with features according to the level of access set by the system administrator.

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