Innovative OSS solutions for CSPs and network operators


wiVolo is a modular solution providing a high degree of flexibility, allowing each implementation to meet the specific functional needs of our clients.

Core modules

wiVolo SaaS The core browser-accessed software as a service application (Google Maps™ licenses sold separately)
wiVolo Tiler Super-fast rendering engine that creates coverage map tiles on-demand
wiVolo Open Simplified subscriber-facing network coverage map for a network operator’s website

Optional modules

wiVolo Earth If you like coverage maps you’ll love this module! This impressive add-on harnesses the power of Google Earth™ to enhance the user experience, allowing “bird’s eye view” fly through and tilt capabilities. Accurate 3D spatial views are ideal for advanced technical specialists and engineering users, and can also be vaulable for creating sales and marketing presentations.
wiVolo Live Virtual real-time network coverage updates enabled by an alarm feed. This can be invaluable to management or customer-facing users dealing with the dynamics of service issues or network events.
wiVolo Pop Calculates and displays population coverage statistics using census data. Trending over time simplifies the interpretation of the underlying metrics.
wiVolo Data Map overlays showing relevant data for easy analysis, such as traffic volumes, fault concentration or customer profile related data such as actual or potential revenue, demographic factors and more. This module is customised according to need.

Our refinement of these modules is ongoing. Alternatively specific enhancements can be made to existing modules or additional modules developed to meet your requirements.

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